Industrielle Beteiligung (Asia) Co., Ltd.

About Us

HONG KONG – Industrielle Beteiligung (Asia) Co., Ltd. 

Industrielle Beteiligung (Asia) Co., Ltd. is determined to be a global contributor through its advanced technology, anchored of the knowledge and experience it has gained as an innovative Company – a spirit it has cultivated since its founding.

SINGAPORE – Industrielle Beteiligung (Asia) PTE. LTD.

Industrielle Beteiligung (Asia) PTE. LTD. was establish in Singapore to manage IB Group flexibility in managing the expansion in trading, projects and investments.

THAILAND – Industrielle Beteiligung (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

Industrielle Beteiligung (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was establish in Bangkok to invest in the capital market and acquiring major shares in the local steel industry. Targeting to strength relationship among international investors and Thai leading producers, as part of the successful cooperation IB Thailand together with IB Asia becomes major suppliers and consultants to develop regional steel industry at an international level.

THAILAND – IB Metal Solutions Co., Ltd

As part of the IB brand globalization process and recent new customers, IB Metal Solutions was established as our dedicate company to handle No-Ferrous division.

PHILIPPINES – IB Philippines – Sophia Global Trading Corporation

To strength international relationship among SEA steel producers and take advantage of emerging markets, Blue Dragon Corporation established in Manila as a major international link to the Pilipino steel industry. The Company positioning as major international trader of raw material and special equipment, expanding to consultancy for develop international joint investments.

VIETNAM – IB Metaltech

To manage its continuous expansion in south east asian markets, IB Group launched a new business partnership in Vietnam with the new established company IB Metaltech. The operation aim to extend IB sales networks granting an efficient after sales service.


As part of the IB brand globalization process, IB Europe was established as our main connection to worldwide markets as well as our active IB Power Technical Support.